31 May 2018 – NVvM cryo-EM spring meeting in Groningen

May 31 2018 NVvM cryo-EM spring meeting in Groningen.
As you know this meeting intends to bring the Dutch cryo-EM community in life science and soft matters together and provide PhD students and postdocs the opportunity to present their work.
While some talks will be selected from abstracts, we would like to encourage you to suggest a good speaker from your lab, which we would select beforehand.

The meeting will be accompanied by the official opening of the new facility in Groningen, wich will take place the day before on the afternoon of May 30. We will not only celebrate the future, but also look back in history and celebrate the 60 years of EM history at Groningen. A more international and broader talk on the advances of EM will be given by Werner Kühlbrandt, who will also be our keynote speaker during the NVvM meeting the following day. We would be delighted if you and your students would join us.