FLIM-FRET workshop 2013

Date: 12/12/2012

Following the two successful FLIM workshops in 2011 and 2012, you are welcome to join the 3rd one-day workshop organized by Lambert Instruments and Nikon Instruments Europe. The focus is on how to perform frequency domain FLIM and how to deal with the FLIM-FRET results.

Prof. T.W.J. Gadella of the University of Amsterdam, and Dr. Kurt I. Anderson of the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research will present their work on FLIM probes and Cancer Research using FLIM. Moreover, they are available for informal discussions during the afternoon and the evening dinner. Hands-on sessions provide amongst others an introduction into widefield FLIM and High Content Screening FLIM. Of course there is opportunity to measure your own samples. The day after, 27th Feb, the equipment is still available for an informal look at your own samples.

Location: LCAM (van Leeuwenhoek Centre of Advanced Microscopy), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Date: February 26th 2013

More information can be found at our website: http://www.lambertinstruments.com/events/events/cat_listevents/