Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research – VU Amsterdam

Center for Neurogenomics and Cognitive Research – VU Amsterdam
R. Toonen
CNCR-VU University Amsterdam
de Boelelaan 1087
1081 HV
RFG Toonen 
R Meredith 
R v Kesteren 
H de Wit 
H Mansvelder 
M Groot
Live cell imaging – vesicle transport and capture 
2PSLM – calcium imaging 
TIRF – vesicle dynamics 
Spinning disk – cellular dynamics 
THG – label free imaging 
In vivo photostimulation
Our mission is to focus on biological mechanisms underlying common mental health and neurological brain diseases, applying the latest technology and thereby providing new perspectives on therapy. Major research lines are: – The molecular mechanisms that transport and recruit secretory vesicles to the plasma membrane, their calcium dependent release and the effect of secreted cargo on synaptic plasticity. 
– To study how synaptic transmission and plasticity of synaptic contacts changes during key periods of development or via pharmacological manipulation in the hippocampus and cortex. 
– Molecular mechanisms underlying synapse formation and synaptic plasticity
– de Wit, J, Toonen RF, and Verhage M. Matrix-dependent local retention of secretory vesicle cargo in cortical neurons. (2009) J Neurosci 29, 23-37. 
– Meredith RM*, Holmgren CD*, Weidum M, Burnashev N, Mansvelder HD. (2007) Increased threshold for spike-timing-dependent plasticity is caused by unreliable calcium signaling in mice lacking fragile X gene FMR1. Neuron. 54:627-38. 
– Toonen RF*, Kochubey O*, de Wit H*, Gulyas-Kovacs A*, Konijnenburg B, Sorensen JB, Klingauf J, Verhage M. Dissecting docking and tethering of secretory vesicles at the target membrane. (2006) EMBO J. 25(16):3725-37. 
– Witte S, Negrean A, Lodder JC, de Kock CP, Testa-Silva G, Mansvelder HD*, Groot ML* (2011) Label-free live brain imaging and targeted patching with third-harmonic generation microscopy. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 108(15):5970-5.
Zeiss CSLM 510 Meta 
Zeiss axiovert 200M TIRF equipped with UGA-40 photostimulation system 
Zeiss axiovert 200 TIRF 
Olympus IX-81 equipped with UGA-40 photostimulation system 
Olympus IX-81 spinning disk 
Leica 2PSLM 
LaVision Trim scope 2PSLM with OPO and Ti:Sa laser 
Custom build in vivo 2PSLM 
Opera & Cellomics automated confocal cellular imaging and screening 
Philips TEM
– VU University Master course Advanced Live Cell Imaging 
– ONWAR PhD course Live Cell Imaging