Biomolecular Imaging Facility

Biomolecular Imaging Facility
M. Dogterom
FOM Institute AMOLF
Science Park 104
1098 XG
M. Dogterom, G. Koenderink, T. Shimizu, S. Tans, M. Leunissen, J. van Zon
Light microscopy, Optical tweezers, Single molecules, Live-cell imaging, Super Resolution
Biophysics of Cytoskeletal Systems, Regulation Networks, Development, Bio-inspired Materials, Systems Biophysics
– P. Bieling, L. Laan, H. Schek, E. L. Munteanu, L. Sandblad, M. Dogterom, D. Brunner and T. Surrey, Reconstritution of a microtubule plus-end tracking system in vitro, Nature 450, 1100–1105 (2007).- P. Bechtluft, R. van Leeuwen , M. Tyreman, D. Tomkiewicz, N. Nouwen, H. Tepper, A. Driessen, and S. J. Tans. Direct observation of chaperone-induced changes in a protein folding pathway, Science 318, 1458-61 (2007).

– C. Tischer, D. Brunner and M. Dogterom, Force- and kinesin-8-dependent effects in the spatial regulation of fission yeast microtubule dynamics, Nature Molecular Systems Biology 5, 250 1-10 (2009)

– M. Soares e Silva, M. Depken, B. Stuhrmann, M. Korsten, F. C. MacKintosh and G. H. Koenderink, Active multistage coarsening of actin networks driven by myosin motors, PNAS 108, 9408-9413 (2011).

– Lazova, M. D., Ahmed, T., Bellomo, D., Stocker, R. & Shimizu, T. S., Response rescaling in bacterial chemotaxis. PNAS 108:33870-33875 (2011).

Nikon MultiPhoton Confocal MicroscopeNikon TIRF/FRAP Microscope

Leica/Visitech Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope

Leica Video-DIC with Optical Tweezers (home-build)

Nikon A1 Confocal combined with Optical Tweezers and AFM

Stroboscopic PALM Microscopy

Several general purpose microscopes