Bionanoscience Advanced Microscopy Center

Bionanoscience Advanced Microscopy Center
TU Delft
Lorentzweg 1
2628 CJ
Cees Dekker, Nynke Dekker, Juan Keymer, Elio Abbondanzieri, Christophe Danelon, David Grünwald, Bertus Beaumont, Sander Tans, Anne Meyer, Chirlmin Joo, Marie-Eve Aubin, Martin Depken
TIRF, Widefield, TCSPC, Spinning DiskSingle molecule imaging, FRET, Super resolution techniques
The department of Bionanoscience is dedicated to research at the interface between nanoscience, synthetic biology and cell biology. Applying nanotechnology in order to explore and engineer biology is the essence of bionanoscience. The department focuses on the functioning of single cells in all their complexity down to the molecular level.Studying the workings of a living cell requires broad expertise; therefore our department is growing into a strongly multidisciplinary team of scientists with varying backgrounds ranging from cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry, synthetic biology, theoretical biology and biophysics, high-resolution microscopy, nanomedicine, nanoprobes and bionanoapplications.
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Olympus X81 wide field microscopeOlympus X81 microscope with TIRF module

Olympus X81 microscope with PicoQuant MicroTime 200

Andor Revolution XD spinning disk system with FRAPPA unit
Yes, all available equipment is open to be used by others after contacting the managing director and on-site training.
We currently do not have specific microscopy courses, but it will be interesting to discuss the possibilities.