Department of Molecular Cell Biology

Department of Molecular Cell Biology<br />
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H.J. Tanke
Leiden University Medical Center
Einthovenweg 20
2300 RC
Prof.Dr H.J. Tanke,Prof.Dr A.J. Koster,

Dr J. Vrolijk,

Dr R.W. Dirks,

Dr C.R. Jost

Dr. F.G.A. Faas,

Dr. R. Koning,

Dr. J. Wiegant,

Ing. W.C.R. Sloos

Ing. A. Boonzaier-van der Laan

Aim of this research program is to develop and/or adapt microscopic imaging methods, instrumentation and fluorescent labeling technologies to study the molecular composition of tissues, cells and subcellular compartments. The programme involves both light and electron microscopy and supports projects within the realm of both cell- and structural biology.Examples of developments are two-photon or confocal laser scanning microscopy to study molecular dynamics in living cells using FRET/FRAP techniques, time-lapse fluorescence imaging of living cells, two-photon intravital microscopy of small laboratory animals, digital fluorescence workstations to perform 48 colour FISH karyotyping in case of malignancies and pre/postnatal abnormalities. For high-resolution (nm-scale) ultrastructural studies, the core electron microscopic imaging tools include (cryo) transmission electron microscopy (TEM) with energy-filtering, (cryo) scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and electron tomography (3D imaging of cellular organelles and macromolecules). Ongoing technical developments aim at improving specimen preparation and labeling techniques and at advancing further automation of methodologies. A key development is aimed at correlative light-electron microscopy, allowing the combination of high-resolution imaging with electron microscopy with live-cell dynamic imaging with fluorescence light microscopy. In addition the group develops new fluorescent reporter molecules (such as luminescent crystals that are used in point-of care-tests using lab-on-a-chip devices), cytochemical staining procedures and dedicated software for cell and structural analysis. Applications of microscopic imaging and technology range from fundamental cell biological studies, imaging the cellular ultrastructure and/or dynamics with electron microscopy or live cell microscopy, to diagnostic applications of multicolour FISH and reported technology in case of oncology, genetics and infectious diseases
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EMBO Course on cryo-electron tomography
EMBO Course on cryo-electron tomography