Dept. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Centre for Cell Imaging (CCI)

Dept. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Centre for Cell Imaging (CCI)
Utrecht University, FVM
Yalelaan 1
3544 CL
dr. R.Wubbolts

ing E. van ‘t Veld

ing. R. Bleumink

prof.dr. W.Stoorvogel

dr. B. Gadella

prof. dr. B.Helms

dr. X. de Haan

dr. M.Tryfonidou

prof. dr. Bruin

Live cell Imaging

Confocal Imaging


Wide field fluorescence imaging

Histology/ pathology

Our research conducted at the CCI is very diverse yet (mostly) applies to the research focus areas defined by the veterinary faculty. Areas of interest include studies on the mechanisms by which hosts combat infections, defined in the focus area SIB (strategic infection biology). Studies on endosomal/vacuolar systems of host cells (especially dendritic cells) and influence on these organelles by pathogens (virusses, bacteria) cover the focus of a large group of users in the facility. Another group of users focuses on fertility, reproduction and embryo development. A third group of users studies regeneration mechanisms in relation to tumor development and embryogenesis.
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2. ten Broeke T, de Graaff A, van’t Veld EM, Wauben MHM, Stoorvogel W, and Wubbolts R. 2010. Trafficking of MHC class II in dendritic cells is dependent on but not regulated by degradation of its associated invariant chain. Traffic 11(3):324-31.

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– Leica SPE-II on a DMI4000, automated xy table, software LAS

-JPK Nanowizard II Atomic Force Microscope mounted onto Nikon Eclipse Ti with Biocell (temp/CO2 control), anti-vibration unit

– Bio-Rad 2100MP multiphoton microscope on a NIKON TE300 (Tsunami fs pulsed), DDS 4x, GaAsPMT 1x, Lasersharp software

– Olympus BX60 widefield fluorescence microscope, CCD (Leica) LAS-AF software

– Upright manual Leica DM-RE, CCD: Photometrics Coolsnap FX, Iplab software (Hazebuster decovolution)

– Upright manual Leica DM-RA, CCD: Diagnostic Instruments, Software: Genus cytogenetic analyses package