Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam

Biomedical Imaging Group Rotterdam
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Erik Meijering
Erasmus MC
Dr. Molewaterplein 50
3015 GE
E. Meijering

I. Smal

M. Radojevic

Y. Yao

Image processing, image analysis, pattern recognition, cell tracking, particle tracking, neuron tracing, motion analysis
The goal of our research is to develop advanced image processing and analysis methods to enable efficient, accurate, and reproducible quantification and characterization of cellular and molecular dynamic processes. This is accomplished by:

* Developing advanced algorithms for image restoration, enhancement, and super-resolution.

* Developing model-based methods for image segmentation, registration, detection, tracking, and analysis.

* Making efficient and robust implementations of the developed algorithms in the form of user-friendly software tools.

* Carrying out thorough evaluations of the methods by means of computer simulations and comparisons with human experts.

* Assessing the practical value of the methods by using them to answer biologically relevant research questions in collaboration with biologists.

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Optical Imaging Centre (OIC):
MolMed course “Microscopic Image Analysis: From Theory to Practice”.
“Introduction to Digital Image Analysis” as part of the annual MolMed/OIC course “In Vivo Imaging: From Molecule to Organism”.