Dept. of Pathology

Dept. of Pathology
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Jeroen A.M. Belien
De Boelelaan 1117
1081 HV
“Jeroen A.M. Belienseveral technicians operating and testing the equipment

several PhD students that apply the available techniques

CLSM, high throughput microscopy using slide scanners both transmission and fluorescence, including TMA, transmission microscopy including ICM-DNA
High throughput microscopy using slider scanners in both transmission as well as fluorescence mode.3D-colocalisation studies in especially neuroanatomy/pathology
see pubmed belien ja*:*
Leica CLSM SP23D Histech Mirax Slide scanner (transmission and fluorescence)

Zeiss Axioplan equiped with Marzhauser stage and Sony XC-77-CE CCD course: In the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek: A microscopy course for PhD students in collaborabtion with the NKI and AMC.