PRIME, multiphoton facility

PRIME, multiphoton facility
G.J. Bakker
UMC St Radboud
Geertgroteplein 28
G.J. Bakker,

B. Weigelin,


E. Wagena,

A. Vasaturo,

J. Fransen,

P. Friedl,

A. Hager,

S. Schmidt,

S. Lehmann

Multiphoton imaging: 2PE, SHG, THG

Whole body fluorescence imaging of small rodents

Migration dynamics of cancer cells, primarily melanoma, breast tumor cells and glioma;

Interaction between tmor cells and their environment, immune system and the influence of these interactions on the response to treatment.

Ilina, O. Et al., 2011. Two-photon laser-generated microtracks in 3D collagen lattices: principles of MMP-dependent and -independent collective cancer cell invasion. Phys. Biol. 8(1):015010.

Andresen, V. et al., 2009. Infrared multiphoton microscopy:subcellular deep tissue imaging. Curr. Oin. Biotechnol. 20, 54-62.

Bakker, G.J. Et al., in press, Fluorescence lifetime microscopy of tumor cell invasion, drug delivery and cytotoxicity. MIE, Imaging and spectroscopic analysis of living cells.”

LaVision Biotec TriMScope II with 3 Chameleon Ultra pulsed laser systems (Coherent) + OPOFluorvivo 300 whole body fluorescence imaging of small rodents
We are open for collaboration and / or workshops in intravital imaging of the skin, imaging of 3D invitro ultures, etc. Please contact prof. Peter Friedl.
Master programme NCMLS, FEBS workshop, …?