TU/e Center for Multiscale Electron Microscopy

TU/e Center for Multiscale Electron Microscopy
Heiner Friedrich
Eindhoven University of Technology
Het Kranenveld 14 – Helix STO 2.25
Postbus 513 / 5600 MB
Heiner Friedrich (Chairman);

Bert de With (Advisor);

Paul Bomans (Technical Support TEM);

Rick Joosten (Technical Support TEM);

Anne Spoelstra (Technical Support TEM);

Pauline Schmit (Technical Support SEM);

Ingeborg Schreur (Technical Support SEM).

  • CryoTEM & CryoTomography of non-biological materials (Soft Matter);
  • Combination of CryoTEM and Materials Science derived techniques
    (Electron diffraction, STEM, EDX, EELS);
  • CryoTEM of aqueous interfaces;
  • Time-resolved cryoTEM.
Self Assembly; Bio inspired Materials; Hybrid Materials
  • P.J.M. Smeets, K. R. Cho, R.G.E. Kempen, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, J.J. De Yoreo, Calcium carbonate nucleation driven by ion binding in a biomimetic matrix revealed by in-situ electron microscopy, Nature Materials 14, 394-399 (2015).
  • B.E. McKenzie, H. Friedrich, M.J.M. Wirix, J.F. de Visser, O.R. Monaghan, P.H.H. Bomans, F. Nudelman, S.J. Holder, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, Controlling internal pore sizes in bicontinuous polymeric nanospheres, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 54, 2457–2461 (2015).
  • W.J.E.M. Habraken, J. Tao, L.J. Brylka, H. Friedrich, L. Bertinetti, A.S. Schenk, A. Verch, V. Dmitrovic, P.H.H. Bomans, P.M. Frederik, J. Laven, P. van der Schoot, B. Aichmayer, G. de With, J.J. DeYoreo, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, Ion association complexes unite classical and non-classical theories for the biomimetic nucleation of calcium phosphate, Nature Comms 4, 1507 (2013).
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  • A. Dey, P.H.H. Bomans, F.A. Muller, J. Will, P.M. Frederik, G de With, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, The role of prenucleation clusters in surface-induced calcium phoshpate crystallization, Nature Materials, 9 [12], 1010-1014 (2010).
  • F. Nudelman, K. Pieterse, A. George, P.H.H. Bomans, H. Friedrich, L.J. Brylka, P.A.J. Hilbers, G de With, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, The role of collagen in bone apatite formation in the presence of hydroxyapatite nucleation inhibitors, Nature Materials 9 [12],1004-1009 (2010).
  • H. Friedrich, P.M. Frederik, G. de With, N.A.J.M. Sommerdijk, Imaging of self-assembled structrues: Interpretation of TEM and Cryo-TEM images, Angewandte Chemie, International Edition, 49 [43],  7850-7858 (2010).
  • E.M. Pouget, P.H.H. Bomans, J.A.C.M. Goos, P.M. Frederik, G. de With, N. Sommerdijk, The Initial Stages of Template-Controlled CaCO3 Formation Revealed by CryoTEM, Science 323 [5920], 1455-1458 (2009).
  • FEI Quanta 3D FEG;
  • FEI Phenom Q9, Desktop SEM;
  • Microtomes;
  • Vitrobots;
  • Glove box.
On request.