Dpt Cell Biology-Wageningen Light Microscopy Centre WLMC

Dpt Cell Biology-Wageningen Light Microscopy Centre WLMC
NCA de Ruijter
Wageningen University
Droevendaalsesteeg 1
6708 PB
M. Janson;

T. Ketelaar;

A. van Lammeren;

N. de Ruijter

-Life cell imaging, flowsystems for ligand and drug application

-Confocal Imaging with FRET, FRAP, and FSPIM

-Confocal Imaging with optical tweezers or with microinjection

-Stereo-, DIC-, Hoffmann Modulation Contrast-, video-, and FL- microscopy

-Spinning Disk Confocal Microscopy (SDCM), SDCM with FRAP and subcellular photoablation

-TIRF microscopy

-Quantitative Polarization Microscopy (LC-PolScope)

The laboratory of Cell Biology focuses on the self-organization of the cytoskeleton in relation to polarized cell growth, cell division and cell wall formation. Special attention is given to physical aspects of self-organization. As model systems we use fission yeast S .pombe , the moss Physcomitrella, the higher plant Arabidopsis, and in vitro assays of reconstituted cytoskeletal proteins.

The Wageningen Light microscopy Center (WLMC) provides both technical support and consultation on light microscopy and (plant) cell biology in the broadest sense. Projects involve work on plant and animal cells, and food and material science.

Adaptive braking by Ase1 prevents overlapping microtubules from sliding completely apart

Braun, M.; Lansky, Z.; Fink, G.; Ruhnow, F.; Diez S.; Janson, M.E. (2011)

Nature Cell Biology, DOI: 10.1038/ncb2323

Gutierrez, R.; Lindeboom, J.J.; Paredez, A.R.; Emons, A.M.C.; Ehrhardt, D.W. (2009)

Arabidopsis cortical microtubules position cellulose synthase delivery to the plasma membrane and interact with cellulose synthase trafficking compartments.

Nature Cell Biology 11 (7). – p. 797 – 806.

Sparkes, I.A.; Ketelaar, T.; Ruijter, N.C.A. de; Hawes, C. (2009)

Grab a Golgi: Laser trapping of golgi bodies reveals in vivo Interactions with the endoplasmic reticulum

Traffic 10 (5). – p. 567 – 571.

Zeiss Axiovert 200M with LSM 510 (Meta and Pascal)

Nikon Ti with Yokogawa X1 spinning disk and EM-CCD

Nikon Ti with manual TIRF extension and EM-CCD

Nikon 80i FL-DIC

Zeiss Axiovert 200 LC-Polscope FL-DIC with calibrated B/W camera

Zeiss Discovery V12 stereo

Nikon HMC Diaphot 200

-Molecular Machines and Industries, optical tweezer 3000mW

-Nirashigi micro manipulation

-All systems equiped with CCD

All facility equipment is accessible for experienced users with tariffs for microscopy time. Additional training and support is charged on a pay-per–hour basis. Training on the equipment of the facility, cell biological or sample preparation advice is readily available. Collaborative projects on topics related to the core activities of the laboratory of cell biology are considered.
“A yearly BSc/MSc course on cell biology and advanced imaging is open to Wageningen students and exchange students (course code PCB-30306).In 2012 a microscopy and spectroscopy course is organized for the Wageningen graduate schools EPS (plant sciences) and VLAG (food and health). The course will be repeated in the future.