Electron microscopy facility

Electron microscopy facility
H. Janssen
Plesmanlaan 121
1066 CX
TEM, tokuyasu, whole mount, replica, epon
Very divers; zebrafish, skin, testis, patient cells, transfected cells.
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3. Salomon I, Janssen H, Neefjes J. Mechanical forces used for cell fractionation can create hybrid membrane vesicles. Int J Biol Sci. 2010 Oct 20;6(7):649-54.

4. Buckle T, van Leeuwen AC, Chin PT, Janssen H, Muller SH, Jonkers J, van Leeuwen FW. A self-assembled multimodal complex for combined pre- and intraoperative imaging of the sentinel lymph node. Nanotechnology. 2010 Sep 3;21(35):355101.

5. Raymond K, Richter A, Kreft M, Frijns E, Janssen H, Slijper M, Praetzel-Wunder S, Langbein L, Sonnenberg A. Expression of the Orphan Protein Plet-1 during Trichilemmal Differentiation of Anagen Hair Follicles. J Invest Dermatol. 2010 Jun;130(6):1500-13.

Philips CM10Tecnai 12 G2 with Eagle camera
Every now and then we do this for people from other institutes who want to use our microscopes.
Avanced microscopy course together with VU and UvA