Dept. of Biophysics

Dept. of Biophysics
H.C. Gerritsen
Utrecht University
Princetonplein 1
3584 CC
H.C. Gerritsen

G.A. Blab

D.J. van den Heuvel

FRET imaging (hetero and homo-FRET)

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging (FLIM)

Fluorescence Spectral Imaging

Fluoprescence Anisotropy Imaging

Non-linear microscopy (two photon, second harmonic)

Confocal Microscopy

Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy

Single molecule and single particle imaging

Force microscopy

Miniaturized scanning microscopy

Integrated Correlative Microscopy

Development and application of state-of-the-art microscopy techniques

Imaging of homo and hetero molecular interactions

Deep tissue imaging

Non-linear imaging based diagnostics

A.N. Bader, S. Hoetzl, E.G. Hofman, J. Voortman, P.M.P. van Bergen en Henegouwen, G. van Meer, and H.C. Gerritsen, “”Homo-FRET imaging as a tool to quantify protein and lipid clustering””, ChemPhysChem 12, 475-483, 2011

J.A. Palero, A.N. Bader, H.S. de Bruijn, A. van der Ploeg van den Heuvel, H.J.C.M. Sterenborg and H.C. Gerritsen, “”In vivo monitoring of protein-bound and free NADH during ischemia by nonlinear spectral imaging microscopy””, Biomedical Optics Express, 2, 1030-1039, 2011

Integrated fluorescence and transmission electron microscopy. A.V. Agronskaia, J.A. Valentijn, L.F. van Driel, C. Schneijdenberg, B.M. Humbel, P. Henegouwen, A.J. Verkleij, A.J. Koster and H.C. Gerritsen, Journal of Structural Biology 164, 183-189 (2008)

Spectrally-Resolved Multiphoton Imaging of In Vivo and Excised Mouse Skin Tissues

J.A. Palero, H.S. de Bruijn, A. van der Ploeg – van den Heuvel, H.J.C.M. Sterenborg and H.C. Gerritsen, Biophycial Journal 93, 992-1007 (2007)

Nikon C1 confocal microscope for FLIM and Spectral imaging

Nikon C1 confocal microscope for non-linear microscopy

Nikon PCM confocal microscope for FLIM

Nikon TE2000 based TIRF microscope

Nikon TE2000 based microscope with adaptive optics

Centrifugal Force microscope

Home made non-linear microscope

FEI Technai 12 with integrated correlative microscopy module (iLEM)
Guests are regularly trained in e.g. FRET-FLIM.
The group participates in several microscopy courses of the UU Science faculty.