Dept. of Cell Biology

Dept. of Cell Biology
Ben Giepmans
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Ben Giepmans

Jeroen Kuipers

Klaas Sjollema

Live-cell imaging





We are addressing the mechanism by which specialized cell-cell junctions contribute to the well-known but poorly understood phenomenon of “contact-inhibition”, the inhibition of cell proliferation. To better understand the sequence of events, and aid in new possible future therapies for diabetes, we analyze pancreatic Islets,during destruction in Type I diabetes using a high content/ high resolution approachCellular Imaging: We want to overcome current limitations to locate biomolecules, i.e. proteins, with high spatiotemporal resolution. Electron microscopy describes structural details down to molecular dimensions. Development of the fluorescent toolbox expands the possibilities to visualize protein function and localization in living cells. New probes for correlative microscopy are developed and implemented in our research.
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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006;103:17777-82.

Several fluorescent microscopes, including CLSM, MPE, Spinning disk. EM: TEM, SEM, STEM. Please find the detailed information on the page of our imaging center (UMIC Groningen)
Yes, please find the information on the page of our imaging center (UMIC Groningen)
Cellular Imaging”; an annual 3-week theoretical/ practical course for PhD-students/ post-docs (see website)