Quantiative Imaging Group

Quantiative Imaging Group
B. Rieger
TU Delft
Lorentzweg 1
2628 CJ
Bernd Rieger

Sjoerd Stallinga

Lucas J. van Vliet

I. Ted Young

Fluorescent life-time imaging (FLIM)

DIPimage – image processing toolbox for MATLAB (www.diplib.org)Image formation in cryo TEM for life-sciences

Image restoration and tomographic reconstruction

Image processing and image analysis

Optical system design

Super-resolution (localization) microscopy

Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM, PAM)

Automated microscopy for whole slide scanning

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High resolution electron tomography in life-sciences

Optical nanoscopy

Computational Microscopy

Single molecule analysis

Image analysis


Structured Illumination

Digital pathology

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L.M. Voortman, S. Stallinga, R.H.M. Schoenmakers, L.J. van Vliet, B. Rieger, A fast algorithm for computing and correcting the CTF for tilted, thick specimens in TEM, Ultramicroscopy, 111:1029-1036, 2011.

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K.A. Lidke, B. Rieger, T.M. Jovin, R. Heintzmann, Superresolution by localization of quantum dots using blinking statistics, Optics Express, 13 (18): 7052-7062, 2005.

Leica CLSM

Olympus Inverted and dark-field wide-field microscopes

Nikon Inverted wide-field microscope with STORM module

Spectral Imager

FLIM (Lambert Instruments)