Microscopic Imaging Centre

Microscopic Imaging Centre
Marc van Zandvoort
Maastricht University
Universiteitslaan 50
6229 ER
M. van Zandvoort

W. Engels

A. van Susteren

J. Heemskerk

M. Kuijpers

M. Losen

F. Ramaekers

J. Broers

Multiphoton, confocal, intravital widefield
Cardiovascular Imaging, Brain Imaging, Tumor Imaging
1. Z. Zhou, P. Subramanian, G. Sevilmis, B. Globke, O. Soehnlein, E. Karshovska, R. Megens, K. Heyll, M. Reinholz, MAMJ. Van Zandvoort, C. Weber, A. Schober. Lipoprotein-derived lysophophatidic acid enhances atherosclerosis through release of CXCL1 from endothelium. Accepted by Cell Metabolism. IF=19.2

2. H. Laeremans, T.M. Hackeng, M.A.M.J. van Zandvoort, B.J.A Janssen, H.C.J. Ottenheijm, J.F.M. Smits, W.M. Blankesteijn. Blocking of Frizzled with a fragment of Wnt5a reduces infarct expansion and prevents the development of heart failure after myocardial infarction. Accepted by Circulation IF=14.5

3. RTA Megens, S Reitsma, L Prinzen, MGA oudeEgbrink, W Engels, PJA Leenders, EJL Brunenberg, BJA Janssen, B ter Haar Romeny, DW Slaaf, MAMJ van Zandvoort. In vivo imaging of large murine arteries using two-photon laser scanning microscopy. Journal of Biomedical Optics 2010; 15(1): 011108. IF=3.4

4. K Douma, L Prinzen, DW Slaaf, CP Reutelingsperger, EAL Biessen, MJ Post, MAMJ van Zandvoort. Nanoparticles for optical molecular imaging of atherosclerosis-current status and future clinical perspectives. Small 2009; 5(5):544-557. IF=6.5

5. M Oostendorp, K Douma, TM Hackeng, A Dirksen, MJ Post, MAMJ van Zandvoort, W Backes. Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of tumor angiogenesis using cNGR-labeled paramagnetic quantum dots. Canc Res 2008; 68(18): 7676-7683. IF=8.2

– Fast resonant (50 fps) scanning Leica SP5TP platform with Coherent fs-pulsed laser, including prechirp. 4 Internal PMTs, of which 2 are also suitable for TCSPC-based lifetime (FLIM) imaging (using the integrated Becker & Hickl module), 3 external PMTs detectors for direct detection. Automated xyz-table.

– Traditional BioRad2000 TP platform with SpectraPhysics fs-pulsed laser, 3 internal PMTs, 2 external PMTs for direct detection. Lifetime imaging possible using the Nikon LIMO module. Integrated cardiovascuar triggering system. Automated xyz table.

– Ultrafast (50 fps) ZeissLive 7 confocal linescanning system with 3 internal PMTs.

– Olympus BX51WIDSU Confocal Spinning Disk fluorescent microscope for stereology

– State-of-the-art Leica confocal platform for cellular (longterm) imaging

– Intravital widefield and fluoresence platform for large animal (rabbits) imaging, including stereo fluorescence microscopes.

– BD855 High throughput microscope platform

– Various deconvolution and reconstruction software (Autoquant, Metamorph, MediaCybernetics-ImagePro)

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