NKI-AVL Digital Microscopy Facility

NKI-AVL Digital Microscopy Facility
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L. Oomen
Plesmanlaan 121
1066 CX
L.Oomen & L.Brocks
Confocal, TIRF, Live-cell imaging & general microscopy
Cell Biology
“Brakenhoff, G.J.,Wurpel, G.W.H., Jalink,K., Oomen, L.,Brocks, L.&Zwier, J. M. (2005) Characterization of sectioning fluorescence microscopy with thin uniform fluorescent layers: SIPcharts. J. Microsc. 219, 122–132.

Oomen LC, Sacher R, Brocks HH, Zwier JM, Brakenhoff GJ, Jalink K Immersion oil for high-resolution live-cell imaging at 37 degrees C: optical and physical characteristics.J Microsc. 232(2):353-61, 2008

ZWIER JM, OOMEN L, BROCKS L, JALINK K and BRAKENHOFF GJ Quantitative image correction and calibration for confocal fluorescence microscopy using thin reference layers and SIPchart-based calibration procedures J Microsc. 231(1): 59–69, 2008

Leica confocal SP5 3x; Leica confocal SP5 with MS3 medium to high throughput screening options; Zeiss wide field 200M; Zeiss wide field Z1 3x; Zeiss wide field S100; Leica TIRF with EM-CCD
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Confocal medium to high throughput screening.
OOA course: In the footsteps of Antoni van Leeuwenhoek: A microscopy course for PhD studentsAntoni van Leeuwenhoek: Advanced microscopy course