Research Group Charged Particle Optics

Research Group Charged Particle Optics

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Carel Heerkens
TUDelft, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Imaging Science and Technology 5046




Our research group (Deeltjesoptica in Dutch) is operating in the field of charged particle optics, which means that we manipulate beams of electrons, positrons and ions.SEM, FIB, FEBID
Electron and Ion Sources,Electron and Ion Microscopy,Electron and Ion Lithography
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FEI Quanta 200FEG with optional confocal microscope

FEI Quanta 3D


FEI Verios 460 with SECOM for CLEM

FEI Nova Nanolab with EDX
Our equipment is available for external users. Training will be provided.
TUDelft coarse in Charged Particle Optics