van Leeuwenhoek Centre for Advanced Microscopy (LCAM)

van Leeuwenhoek Centre for Advanced Microscopy (LCAM)
Dorus Gadella
University of Amsterdam + Amsterdam Medical Centre + Netherlands Cancer Institute
Sciencepark 904
1098 XH
Prof. Dr. Th.W.J. Gadella Jr
Dr. K. Jalink
Dr. E. Reits
Dr. E. Manders
Dr. M.A. Hink
Dr. J. Goedhart
Prof. Dr. R. van Noorden
Dr. R. Hoebe
Controled Light Exposure Microscopy (CLEM)
Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS)
Forster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)
Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
Total Internal Reflection Microscopy (TIRF)
PhotoActivation Localization Microscopy (PALM)
Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)
wide-field microscopy
confocal microscopy
spinning disc confocal microscopy
live-cell imaging
high-throughput imaging
Spatial organisation of sub-cellular signallingFluorescence fluctuation spectroscopy (FFS) to perform quantitative microscopy.Controled light exposure microscopy (CLEM): Reduced phototoxicity and photobleaching for long-term imaging seriesMolecular dynamics of the bacterial cell cycle.Computational modelling of Cnidarian embryogenesis… be extended later….
Klarenbeek JB, Goedhart J, Hink MA, Gadella TW, Jalink K.. A mTurquoise-Based cAMP Sensor for Both FLIM and Ratiometric Read-Out Has Improved Dynamic Range. PLoS One. 2011 Apr 29;6(4):e19170. Goedhart, J., van Weeren, L., Hink, M.A., Vischer, N.O., Jalink, K., and Gadella, T.W.J., Jr. (2010) Bright cyan fluorescent protein variants identified by fluorescence lifetime screening. Nat. Methods 7, 737-139Jalink K, van Rheenen J. Nano-imaging of membrane topography affects interpretations in cell biology. Nat Methods. 2010 Jul;7(7):486. ….to be extended later….
Andor Spinning disk microscope + FRAPPA + TIRF (2x Andor EMCCD)
Nikon A1 + resonant scanner + spectral detector
Olympus FV1000 confocal mic. + Picoquant FCS/FLIM upgrade
Zeiss LSM 510 + Multiphoton + UV exc.
Zeiss Cell observer + livecell incubator
Zeiss TE200 + phase modulated FLIM system …to be extended later…
Positions for Master & Bachelor thesis
University of Amsterdam bachelor and master courses (f.e. Advanced Microscopy, Molecular Structure in Biology & Cellulaire Oncologie)
LCAM-user training courses (FNWI)
International PhD/postdoc course: Confocal Microscopy: Fundamentals, Advanced techniques and Biological Applications
International PhD/postdoc course: In the footsteps of Van Leeuwenhoek