Workgroup – Light microscopy

The working group aims to bring together users of the CSLM. This will be organized twice a year via users days. Besides a number of lectures there are possibilities to exchange experiences in a more casual atmosphere.

Contactperson Prof. Dr. T.W.J. Gadella
Sectie Moleculaire Cytologie
Swammerdam Inst.v. Levensw.
Universiteit van Amsterdam 
Postbus 94062 
1090 GB Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 525 62 59
Fax: +31 20 525 62 71
Contactperson A.B. Houtsmuller
Pathologie Josephine Nefkens Instituut
Erasmus Universiteit 
Postbus 1738 
3000 DR Rotterdam
Tel: +31 10 7044456