Stichting tot Bevordering van de Electronenmicroscopie in Nederland (SEN) – Grants Course

SEN can provide for participation in a course on a topic in the field of (electron) microscopy and closely related techniques a grant of up to 50% of the cost of the course. To be eligible to be subject to the following condition:

  1. An applicant must be at least 1 year NVvM member. The applicant must have fulfilled its financial obligations towards the NVvM.
  2. In general, an applicant may receive only one grant per SEN course four years.
  3. Proposals, in the case of an AIO / OIO accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the project can be submitted at any time to the SEN secretary.
  4. The SEN board decides about granting application, taking into account the SEN financial situation.