Stichting tot Bevordering van de Electronenmicroscopie in Nederland (SEN) – SEN Price Archive

2013 Matthia Winter-Karreman (Utrecht)
Lights Will Guide You: Sample Preparation and Applications of Integrated Laser and Electron Microscopy
2011 Kevin Knoops (LUMC)
Nidovirus replication structures: Hijacking membranes to support viral RNA synthesis
2007 J. A. Palero (Molecular BioPhysics, Utrecht)
Nonlinear Spectral Imaging Microscopy of Biological Tissues
2006 H.M.J. Hut (Dept. Radiation and Stress Biology, Groningen)
Centrosomes and cellular stress responses
S. Lazãr (High Resolution Electron Microscopy group, TU Delft)
Defects and electronic structure of GaN
2004 J-L. Murc (Dept. Cell Biology, Utrecht)
3-D analysis of endosomes, lysosomes and peroxisomes