Stichting tot Bevordering van de Electronenmicroscopie in Nederland (SEN) – SEN Prize

The Foundation for the promotion of Electron Microscopy in the Netherlands (SEN) awards in principle once a year a prize for a contribution in the field of electron microscopy and closely related techniques, here also referred to as EM, to a Netherlands-working researcher. The award consists of a cash prize of € 2000, -.

The following rules are observed:

  1. Candidates must be working in the Netherlands or are seconded from a Dutch institution or industry abroad.
  2. Candidates must be younger than 35 years.
  3. Candidates must conduct research or have been, which the discipline covered by the NVvM will play a significant role / played. The main criteria are:
    The quality and scientific and societal relevance of the research as a whole.
    The extent to which the EM and related techniques and methods have contributed to the results of the investigation.
    The creative / innovative and critical way in which these techniques and methods are used.
    The extent to which contribute to the further utility of the EM and / or of the related techniques and methods have been delivered.
    The extent to which EM and / or related techniques and methods have been developed or which contribute to the theoretical / scientific foundation have been supplied.
    The extent to which is contributed to the promotion of the reputation of the profession.
  4. The nomination is completely “open”, ie everyone has the right to nominate candidates.
  5. Applicants do not have to necessarily be a member of the NVvM.
  6. Theses that have received a grant from the publication SEN automatically compete for the SEN price of the year.
  7. The study submitted for competition, or at least the general argument and the part that relates to the area covered by the NVvM field should be publicly accessible, ie the latest one month after the deadline for registration in the form of a thesis, publication (s) and / or patents (or applications) must be published in the open literature. Confidential documents will not be accepted for review.
  8. Registration for competition to the SEN price must be made at the secretariat of the SEN. The closing date each year June 30th. All by the applicant for the assessment of interest deemed documents must be available no later than one week after the closing date to the secretariat of the SEN.
  9. The work of the nominees will be presented to a jury.
  10. The winner of the SEN price is deemed to present his award-winning work in a lecture at the autumn meeting of the NVvM.